Random Questions With Haley Alexis Featuring Jewelry Creator Kayla Williams

Jewelry designer and RAGTRADE ATLANTA member Kayla Williams took some time out of her busy mom-on-the-run schedule to discuss her amazing jewelry brand and how it came to be. The Kayla Williams Jewelry brand is made for the modern woman that loves to incorporate staple jewelry in her wardrobe to complete her look. Cheers to another segment of Random Questions with Haley Alexis!

Q. What inspired you to start making jewelry?

A. I started metal smithing out of necessity. I was living in San Francisco at the time with my husband and very young boys (all 3 were under the age of 2!). I needed a creative outlet to call my own, mostly a mental break from motherhood to be honest, and I just happen to find a tutorial on how metal rings were made. So, it was from then I was hooked and starting teaching myself how to make my designs.

Q. What has been the most difficult and most exhilarating part of having your own jewelry business?

A. Most difficult would definitely be time management and trying to juggle the priorities of being a work-from-mom, it’s easy to get distracted especially by my kids. Them seem to always need something as soon as I sit down in my studio.

 Most exhilarating is always doing a show. I love the hype and preparation before and during the show, the interacting with other artists and guests. 

Q. Which celebrity would you want to model your jewelry and why?

A. Jennifer Lawrence without a doubt. Her personality really stands out to me. She embraces herself without society’s influence, she has worked incredibly hard in her career, plus her style is impeccable.

Q. Where do you see your brand in five years?

A. Definitely incorporating more gems, right now the designs are metal only due staying true to my skill sets. Including salt and pepper diamonds is a must. Especially for alternative bridal options. I’ve made a few metal bands for grooms, I’d love to make a gorgeous set for brides. I’m actually constantly working towards that goal by teaching myself new techniques and utilizing my metalsmith-network for help.

Q. Describe your jewelry brand?

A. Each piece in the collection is meant to be worn everyday. KWJ is jewelry for those who want a modern day heirloom with bold and edgy details to add to their classic styles. Those that embrace their imperfections and are fearless and fierce during their pursuit in the world.  Also I’m creating a brand for people who are accepting that life takes grit and are actively trying to live their best life. 

Q. What fashion brand would you collaborate with if you had a chance?

A. There’s so many. All Saints has an incredible edgy polished style. Mother Denim really encompasses being yourself. Rebecca Minkoff would be a great mentor. I could go on actually.



Haley Austin