The Future is Sustainable Fashion

With the terror of the earth being totally consumed of plastic and hazard waste, fashion brands are making conscious efforts to play their part in making this world a more live-able place.

Major brands like Adidas and Prada are making way to a more sustainable fashion industry.

Adidas in collaboration with Stella McCartney introduced a performance line featuring the infinite hoodie made entirely of recyclable materials and a bio-fabric tennis dress created with micro silk and cellulose blended yarn. According to the press release by Adidas, the inspiration for this line was to “create products that not only performs for the athlete, but also for the world at large .”


Following the sustainable trend, Prada has debuted a new project called Re-Nylon where the brand turns plastics and fishing nets collected from the ocean into a series of brand new bags. The bags in the project will be made from econyl, a material that can be recycled indefinitely with “ no loss of quality”.

Prada Re- Nylon line dropping in 2021

Prada Re- Nylon line dropping in 2021

All credit is due to brand Reformation, that has been a pioneer in the sustainable fashion game since 2009. Reformation is a staple for those stylish millennial’s that are conscious in their efforts to save the earth. All of Reformations pieces are made from sustainable materials.

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More and more brands are moving toward recyclable materials for their brands. So what can this mean for the fashion industry and the earth…?