Random Questions with Haley Alexis Featuring Kara Chin of A19

This week I had the pleasure of interviewing Kara Chin, founder of Atlanta based womenswear and accessories brand A19, and fellow member of RAGTRADE Atlanta. 

While Kara was working as a wardrobe stylist to various pop- culture icons, she saw a need in fashion to represent the female body with dignified style. In 2018, Kara started A19, which is named after her son Ayden.

 Kara will be showcasing her new swimwear line, Metallic this Saturday at W Atlanta Buckhead Hotel. I got a chance to pick her brain before the big day with  Random Questions with Haley Alexis.


Q. What inspired your summer collection?

 A. I first thought of the Metallic collection while jogging in my neighborhood. There is an area between two houses that stretches back into a field. Every day at sunset, there is a beaming tunnel of light that shines through this gap between the houses causing the field, and the flowers to glow. I always stop to stare at it because it literally captures my attention. It is probably one of the most beautiful and unexplainable things I’ve seen. I wanted to create collection that captured onlookers in the same way. The Metallic collection consists of a lot of foil, lame, beading, and floral prints. It is meant to represent the most beautiful parts of nature. In my eyes, the female body is one of the most beautiful creations and it too should be illuminated. This collection shines light on the beauty of the female figure as the sun does on nature. 


Q. What does hot girl summer mean to you?

 A. Hot girl summer means ladies it’s time to heat up! Whatever your lane is, whatever your industry, whatever your talent, it’s time to turn up the temperature and bring the heat. Hot Girl Summer to me is taking your life to the next level; it’s our time to shine. 

 Q. Describe your style in 3 words.

 A. Alluring, Intentional, Ease.

 Q. Who are your biggest influences in the fashion industry?

 A. Some fashion icons that I enjoy watching are GiGi Hadid, Veronica Vega, Cardi B and anyone else who has fun with pushing the limits of fashion.

 Q. What summer trends are you rocking? What are some you refuse to participate in?

 A. My animal instincts are at high alert this summer! I am very into animal prints right now. I am also feeling the bucket hat trend. They bring back to a feel-good era in Hip Hop. I’m also into the mini bag trend. I am a strong believer that less is more and this trend is the epitome of that. A tiny detail that impacts a look in a major way.

 Q.   Favorite female rapper of all time?

 A. My favorite female rapper of all time when it comes her actual rhymes is Nicki Minaj. I like females that can hold their own amongst the men. Her word play and animation are both captivating and elevated.