The Evolution of Runway

If you think runway shows are still taking place in abandoned warehouses and victorian mansions you are sadly mistaken. Step into the year 2019, where fashion is taking designers to new heights and exploring unparalleled venues.

Designer Simon Porte of Jacquemes recently celebrated his 10th anniversary show LE COUP DE SOLEIL in a lavender field in South France. Guest were embraced by a forever running pink felt ribbon runway that extended on into the mountains.

The brand Vetements decided to hop on this aesthetically pleasing trend and take the runway to the popular fast food chain McDonalds during its Paris show for Men’s Fashion Week.

Runway shows are now literally taking place on the airport runways. The runway show Match Made In Hel took it to Runway 2 at Heliski Airport in Finland showcasing a wide body aircraft and intricate fashions to over 350 international fashion influencers and journalist. This show consisted of several designers from Asia and Europe.

Airport show .jpg

The new approach to a runway show and fashion presentation recently took place at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport’s (ATL) ‘Global Runway’. Since 2017, ATL has featured key brands who are part of their concessionaire program.


We hope this trend is here to stay so the evolution of runway can continue.

Haley Austin